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Applied Materials

Applied Materials is a semiconductor company that produces solutions for flat panel displays, advanced semiconductors, and photovoltaic products. The company specializes in bringing these and other technological advances from the laboratory into the commercial realm by creating solutions for the large scale production of technologically sophisticated components.

Applied Materials is involved in solar photovoltaics at three levels as follows:

  1. Wafer Manufacturing – The company is the market leader in high-volume, cost-effective wafer production.  They provide systems for slicing, squaring, and cropping monocrystalline and polycrystalline wafers.
  2. Cell Manufacturing - They produce integrate cell manufacturing platforms and highly automated machinery for producing PV cells.
  3. Thin Film – They produce systems for large are thin film deposition and can boast the largest installed base in the glass and flat panel display industries.  Their work allows thin film panels to be produced at the lowest cost per kWh.


Applied Materials is based in the Santa Clara, CA, United States, but has holdings in Israel and offices in 16 countries.

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