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Infinia is a U.S. company based in that state of Washington that focuses on scalable concentrated solar power with its proprietary PowerDish system. Infinia was founded in 1985 with the intention of delivering high reliability, zero-maintenance, free-piston Sterling engines. The PowerDish is the solar branch of their investment in Sterling technology.

Each Sterling engine is capable of producing 3.2 kW of power and has a 25 year, service-free life span. When combined with a sun-tracking parabolic reflector dish, the PowerDish is created. The PowerDish is particularly suitable for remote location installations, but arrays can be built for large-scale solar power generation.

The company is currently working on an air conditioning system that relies on the principles of the Sterling engine. Such a device, if successful, could be a huge boon for solar technology as it could replace traditional air-conditioning units that require large amounts of electricity.

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