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Organic Photovoltaic Cells (OPVC)

Organic solar cells rely on semiconductive organic polymers and small organic molecules for light absorption rather than traditional semiconductors. The advantages to such systems are the low cost of production of organic polymers and the high absorption of sunlight that can be achieved.

In an organic PV cell, the band gap is usually around 1 to 4 electron-volts, which gives these solar cells large band gaps than more traditional products. By manipulating the band gap during manufacture, it is actually possible to create multijunction organic solar cells in a simpler manner than traditional multijunction solar cells. This is a huge advantage given that multijunction panels are several times more efficient than single junction panels.


The major drawback to OPVCs is lower efficiency, well below the 10% commercial viability target. Even with multijunction manufacturing, OPVCs are currently inhibited by their low quantum efficiency as a result of the large band gap of many organic materials. They are also more produce to oxidation-reduction reactions than traditional materials and degrade in performance over time.
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